Benedict Cumberbatch hails 'true superheroes' at charity awards

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch said he wanted to highlight the "true superheroes" in the world, as he received a humanitarian award.

The Doctor Strange star was honoured in Los Angeles by African charity Geanco, the day after he and his wife announced they were expecting their second child.

Cumberbatch, 40, said he felt "privileged" to receive the Global Promise Award for his humanitarian work, which has included vocally campaigning for nations to tackle the refugee crisis.

When he was asked whether the UK was doing enough to help refugees, he said: "I think charities like Save The Children are doing a fantastic amount. That's what we're here to celebrate tonight, to talk about and support.

"These are initiatives, like this foundation, which are started from the heart by the charitable sector and are doing great things and are making a fantastic impact."

He told the Press Association: "It's always a good thing to be able to use what we get attention for as actors to shine a spotlight on the true superheroes; the real men and women who work in foundations like Geanco, who sometimes give their time and world class expertise to help others in vulnerable situations."

Cumberbatch passionately attacked politicians' lack of response to the refugee crisis after a performance of Hamlet last year.

He criticised the government's "slow response" to Syrians fleeing conflict, and was reported to have said "f*** the politicians".

He joins fellow British actors Chiwetel Ejiofor and David Oyelowo in being honoured by Geanco, a charity which works to improve health and education in Nigeria.