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Carey Mulligan: UK should lead action over Syria's war children

Actress Carey Mulligan has called on Britain to take a stronger stance on the crisis in Syria and lead the way in addressing the plight of children caught up in the conflict.

The Oscar-nominated star, who was among hundreds of people demonstrating for action over Syria in central London on Saturday, said the rally was an opportunity for people to "come out and take some action".

Carey Mulligan leaves a teddy bear outside the gates of Downing Street. Credit: PA Wire

"I've grown really tired of seeing really horrifying images of children in Aleppo on the news and feeling powerless," she said. "We just need to be doing so much more for these children."

Mulligan, who is an ambassador for NGO War Child, added: "We feel encouraged by what's happened this week - what Boris Johnson and Theresa May have been talking about, but we think the UK can lead in this, and we really want to encourage that to happen more."

Children join demonstrators outside the gates of Downing Street. Credit: PA Wire

Protesters including children wore "Save Aleppo" t-shirts at the demonstration in Whitehall, while others waved placards with slogans urging a "no bomb zone now".

Teddy bears were also laid opposite the gates of Downing Street to illustrate the young casualties of Syria's civil war.

A small brown teddy bear belonging to Mulligan's one-year-old daughter Evelyn was among the toys left to send a powerful message about the human cost of the war.

Young demonstrators protest against the war in Syria. Credit: PA Wire

"I've worked with War Child for a couple of years now, but since having my daughter, it just drives home even more how unimaginable it would be for my daughter to be in any of these situations and to have to deal with any of this," she said.

Rebel fighters continued attacks on western Aleppo this week, despite a unilateral ceasefire held by Russian and Syrian government forces.

On Saturday, Syrian government was blamed for a third toxic gas attack on the northwestern village of Qmenas, which took place in March 16 last year.