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Comic book creator Steve Dillon dies at the age of 54

Steve Dillon, who co-created the 'Preacher' comic series, has died. Credit: Steve Dillon/DC Entertainment

Comic book artist and creator Steve Dillon has died at the age of 54, his younger brother Glyn has confirmed.

Dillon was most famous for co-creating 'Preacher' from 1995 to 2000 with writer Garth Ennis, which won critical acclaim and is the premise for the AMC television series of the same name.

The pair also created 'Hellblazer' and the 'Punisher'.

Dillon, who was from Luton, Befordshire, secured his first professional work at the age of 16, drawing the title story in the first issue of Hulk Weekly for Marvel UK.

He would go on to work across a range of comics for five decades including creating artwork for several Marvel titles including 'Wolverine: Origins' and 'Thunderbolts'.

No further details about his death were released.