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Calais clashes as France prepares to clear 'jungle' camp

Police have fired tear gas on migrants in the notorious Calais 'jungle' camp as clashes broke out on its final night before France moves in to disperse the thousands living there.

Flames lit up the night sky for a second night running as tensions boiled over among residents angry at plans to demolish the camp and forcibly remove its residents on Monday.

Dismantling of the camp is then expected to begin on Tuesday, a spokesman for the French interior ministry said.

Migrants set fire to rubbish and threw rocks at police Credit: RTV

Buses will be used to transport the majority of the camp's estimated 6,500 residents.

But some told ITV News they would not give up their efforts to smuggle themselves into the UK.

There is also uncertainty about the fate of many children - including unaccompanied minors - who are still living there.

Flames near protesters in the camp. Credit: Reuters

Several dozen unaccompanied children without previous family ties to Britain arrived in the UK this weekend under a new law offering them sanctuary in Britain.

Governments on both sides of the channel were urged to speed up their work to ensure that vulnerable youths were protected.

Save the Children said there remained around 1,000 lone children in the jungle whose welfare should be a "top priority" as the camp is razed.

Tear gas canisters are fired on protesters in the camp. Credit: RTV

A Save The Children spokesman said: "The Jungle camp is no place for a child and its demolition, slated to begin on Monday, needs to be well managed to ensure children are not put at risk.

"Authorities need to avoid a repeat of earlier this year, when the south side of the camp was demolished and violence escalated leading to 129 children going missing, potentially falling prey to traffickers."

Over the last 48 hours, volunteers have been delivering thousands of rucksacks and urging residents to be prepared to leave in a bid to minimise the risk of violence.

Those who refuse to leave Calais risk being arrested and deported, charities warned.

Migrants carry their belongings in the camp. Credit: Reuters

The UK government has called for as many unaccompanied children with links to the UK as possible to be transferred from the camp before it is closed.

There has been controversy within Britain over the children's arrival amid claims that some adults may have passed themselves off as youths.

It emerged on Sunday that the Home Office had rejected an offer of "expert help" to assess migrants' ages.

An earlier proposal to confirm their ages through teeth checks was rejected as unethical and inappropriate by dentists.

On Sunday Lord Dubs, who sponsored the bill to allow in unaccompanied children, told ITV News the row over the youths' ages was a "distraction" and it did not matter "if the odd one slips through".

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