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Child transfers to UK temporarily on hold as Calais Jungle demolished

The process of transferring vulnerable young refugees to the UK has been temporarily halted. Credit: Reuters

The UK has temporarily halted the transfer of vulnerable minors from Calais while the French authorities process attempt to relocate thousands of migrants from the 'Jungle' refugee camp.

The process was halted at the request of French authorities who today began to relocated thousands of migrants living at the site.

Dozens of unaccompanied youngsters arrived in Britain last week under a fast-track scheme designed to bring unaccompanied minors from the French shanty town ahead of its demolition.

A political row erupted last week after Conservative MP David Davies said that some of the children arriving were older than they claimed.

It followed the landmark Dubs amendment which committed the government to provide a safe haven for stranded children.

Most of the young refugees who have arrived in Britain so far were brought under the Dublin regulations, which require the children to have family resident in the UK.

Minors arrived at a processing centre in Croydon from Calais last week. Credit: Reuters

On Monday, 20 children - all boys - arrived in Devon from Calais, the council confirmed.

Geoffrey Cox QC, MP for Torridge and West Devon, welcomed the arrival of the refugees in Devon.

"I strongly believe that this country must respond compassionately to the plight of children caught up in the dangerous situation that has been allowed to develop in Calais," he said.

A temporary Home Office facility has been set up in the county and emergency accommodation has been secured for up to 70 young people, the council said.

Ten girls transferred to the UK from the Jungle were found foster homes within a couple of hours, a Hertfordshire County council confirmed.

The group, from Ethiopia and Eritrea, were the first to be brought across under the legislation, after a much-criticised delay.

Richard Roberts, cabinet member for children's services, said: "I'd like to express my sincere thanks to our foster carers and staff, who were on standby all night.

"They showed real compassion, kindness and commitment in what were very trying circumstances."

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