Justin Bieber 'drops microphone and storms off stage in Manchester'

Justin Bieber is said to have stormed off stage during a gig in Manchester.

The Baby singer was seen throwing his microphone on the floor after telling fans to stop screaming when they booed him while he was talking.

He told the audience: "Obviously Manchester can't handle me.

"So I'm going to quit talking for the rest of the night and just do the music."

The 22-year-old later said the "no screaming thing" was "not me being an a**hole, it's about me wanting to have a moment with you".

He added: "I feel that people were just not giving me the same respect back and it hurts a bit."

But some fans who took to Twitter were less than impressed.

While others leapt to Bieber's defence saying they were "ashamed" to be from Manchester.

One fan added: "People need to learn to shut up!"