Ed Miliband's 'Ed Stone' helps land Labour a £20,000 fine

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Damon Green

The so-called "Ed Stone" tablet bearing [**Ed Miliband's 2015 general election pledges**](http://Ed Miliband) has helped land Labour a £20,000 fine.

The penalty is the largest ever imposed by the Electoral Commission after it found the party was missing receipts for £123,748 of campaign spending.

The "Ed Stone" was widely mocked online and there was months of speculation about its whereabouts.

The huge plinth became known as Ed Miliband's electoral tombstone after the party lost the General Election in 2015.

At the time it was unveiled, it was rumoured the stone cost as much as £30,000.

But the missing receipts would suggest the stone cost nearer to £8,000.

Labour omitted two payments amounting to £7,614 in relation to the 8ft block of stone in its election campaign spending return.

This was a breach of the rules which sparked an Electoral Commission investigation.

The party was then ordered to review all of its election expenditure.

Labour treasurer Iain McNicol was found to have committed two offences under the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 (PPERA) and the party has now been fined £20,000.

Political biographer John Rentoul told ITV News whoever came up with the idea for the stone in the first place was "incredibly stupid".

He said: "Serious grown adults sat in meetings and approved this.

"The thinking behind it was 'people don't believe us, so we're going to carve them on a stone and then people will believe us'."

Miliband didn't win the election - and the stone has never been seen since.