Marmite sales 'soar by 61%' after Tesco price row

Sales of Marmite have reportedly soared since the price row between the spread makers Unilever and Tesco.

Shoppers are said to have grabbed an extra 130,000 jars - worth £335,000 - off the shelves compared to the same period last year.

At one point there were fears of a shortage of the 114-year-old 'love it or hate it' spread after Tesco said it had ran out.

It came after Unilever reportedly asked the supermarket to raise prices by 10% due to the falling pound and halted deliveries when Tesco refused.

The tongue-in-cheek eBay ad. Credit: eBay

In the hours after the news broke jars of Marmite were jokingly put on eBay - with one priced at £100,000.

Retail experts said sales of the spread had rocketed by 61% since and expected the spike to continue in the coming weeks.

Other brands that were affected by the row included Ben & Jerry's ice cream, Hellmann's Mayonnaise and Colman's Mustard.

Unilever later confirmed the "supply situation" with Tesco had been "successfully resolved" and the items were "once again fully available".