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Thousands moved from 'Jungle' camp ahead of demolition

Thousands of migrants have been moved from the Calais 'Jungle' camp ahead of its demolition later.

Around 2,000 residents, including around 300 minors, are thought to have passed through the registration centre on the edge of the camp.

A further 85 buses are expected to arrive on Tuesday and Wednesday, with officials saying the entire operation will last at least a week.

A sign at the camp. Credit: Reuters

Unaccompanied minors are the only group permitted to stay in Calais, where they are being taken to shipping containers with bunk beds in a secure area of the camp.

The transfer of vulnerable children to the UK has been temporarily halted while authorities work to clear the camp.

People in line said they had no idea where they were going but many seemed resigned to leaving the camp.

This migrant says he has given up on his dream of coming to England. Credit: ITV News

For years the 'Jungle' has been a launch pad for people desperate to get to England.

One man, who arrived there from Sudan four months ago, told ITV News it was a dreadful, violent place.

"I will leave this place and leave my dream of going to England behind."

But these migrants say they will not give up. Credit: ITV News

But not everyone is giving up just yet.

Another man lifted his top up to show an appalling stomach he says was inflicted by a Taliban bomb.

"Again I will come back. Any chance I get I will try and go to England."

Migrants go through turnstiles at the camp. Credit: PA

Migrants and refugees who travel to reception centres have been told they will have to claim asylum in France within a set period of time or face deportation.

Those who pass through the registration centre are being sorted into groups of families, minors, vulnerable or ill people and others travelling alone.

Aid workers have advised refugees and migrants to register for the buses together as they believe this will give certain groups of friends or communities the best chance of not being separated.

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