Undivided: Campaign launched to influence Brexit negotiations with young people's demands

Undivided wants to make Brexit work for young people. Credit: Twitter/Undivided

A campaign demanding a better Brexit deal for young people has been launched with the aim of gathering the views of one million under-30s in a bid to influence the upcoming negotiations.

Undivided is seeking to gather the Brexit demands of young people online.

These demands will then be whittled down to the ten most popular and presented to Parliament in January.

Undivided stressed that it was neither pro or anti-Brexit, and that it wished to represent the views of both leave and remainers.

"We are not seeking to reverse the referendum result but looking to build a strong consensus that will allow young people from across the political spectrum to speak as one," a spokesperson for the campaign said.

"It's crucial that we don't let someone else decide our future for us."

Undivided wants to influence Brexit negotiations. Credit: PA

Hafsah Dabiri, Co-Leader of Undivided, continued:​ “Brexit has to be made to work for young people, and the only way to achieve this is for us to be Undivided in our political demands.

"For too long the ideas and voices of young people have been marginalised and ignored by politicians.

"It is a huge mistake to assume we are too naive or too ill-informed to be involved in shaping our own future.

"Brexit means Brexit, we keep being told, but if Britain is to remain a successful country young people have to have a voice.”

Those under-30 can have their say here.

We will be joined by Undivided later. Do you have a question for them? Ask it here.