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Bill aimed at cutting homelessness passes second Commons reading

A new bill by a Tory MP aimed at reducing homelessness in England has passed its second reading in the House of Commons.

The latest figures from last year show that on any one night, there are over 3,500 people sleeping rough in England - a 30% rise in one year.

Charity Crisis claim that one in 10 people have been homeless at least once in their life.

At the moment, councils in England only have a duty to house those who meet a strict criteria.

New proposals would mean all people can access meaningful support.

Debbie Brown said she found it tough when support wasn't forthcoming Credit: ITV News

Debbie Brown, who used to be homeless, tells ITV News she had a mental breakdown when she was homeless.

She wasn't a council "priority" and found it very hard to get support and back on her feet.

"I had to go through mental health [services] myself and ask for a risk assessment", she said.

"Then I had to go back to the hospital and beg them for a letter to say I was vulnerable and that I was in need of a home and a roof over my head.

"Yet I still got told that 'no, there's not a lot we can do for you'.

"When you're already at your lowest ebb you've ever been and someone says 'you're not our priority,' it was like being kicked twice".

People sleeping rough in the UK has increased significantly since last year Credit: ITV News