Migrants heading to Paris as Calais 'Jungle' clears

  • Video report by ITV News Reporter Sally Lockwood

With the Calais 'Jungle' camp having been "cleared" by French authorities, many migrant teenagers are now heading to Paris.

Makeshift shelters outside the Calais camp where migrants have been sleeping at night appear much worse by day.

Now after four nights sleeping rough, people are realising that anywhere is better than their current situation.

Some young migrants have accepted bus rides to other parts of underpopulated France, while some are staying put - convinced they might be able to make it to the UK.

Others have ignored the advice of the authorities and headed to the country's capital, Paris.

Teenagers have fallen between two categories - the very young and women who have already been put into protected shelters and adults that have been bused around the country.

On Friday, more buses arrived at Calais to offer a route away for many of the migrant teenagers left behind after the camp was cleared.

Their options include going to processing centres across France and other underpopulated areas of the country.

Paris is exempt because of its lack of housing.

However, this hasn't stopped some ignoring the advice and now areas of capital have seen tents pitched on the roadside.

The Jungle may be gone, but it's adding to problem elsewhere.

Buses arrived to pick up migrants waiting behind Credit: ITV News