Man wrestles panda after sneaking into zoo enclosure

Credit: AP

A man wrestled a panda after he jumped into her enclosure at a zoo in China.

He had allegedly been trying to impress his female friends when he jumped into the panda house to tease the sleeping animal.

Within moments of climbing in, Meiling the panda awoke and grabbed onto the intruder’s leg, video released by Chinese state broadcaster CCTV showed.

The pair ended up tussling in the enclosure in Nanchang, east China's Jiangxi Province, as the man tried to escape.

After being dragged to the ground, the man was seen stroking Meiling’s back in a bid to calm her.

He eventually pulled himself free and ran from the enclosure.

Pandas are known to pull on breeders' legs when they want to play, a zoo keeper explained.

Kuang Huaming added: “The young man left the zoo right after he escaped and we could not get in touch with him.

“According to witnesses, his trousers were torn a little by the panda but the man should be okay.

“We arranged medical checks for the panda and told the breeders to closely observe its condition. So far, the panda is fine.”