Migrant youngsters gather at makeshift church in 'cleared' Calais jungle

Youngsters have gathered at a makeshift church in the Calais 'jungle' for a final service. Credit: RTV

Young Ethiopian and Eritrean migrants gathered at a makeshift church in the Calais 'jungle' this weekend just days after French authorities declared the operation to clear the camp officially over.

Dozens of teenagers were seen heading to the church to attend a final service on Sunday before its demolition as part of the flattening of what was France's biggest migrant camp and the place that these youngsters had called home.

The 'jungle' is being cleared and demolished by French authorities. Credit: RTV

Made up of ramshackle huts and tents the camp had been home to over 6,000 refugees and migrants, but was evacuated by authorities this week ahead of the flattening of the site.

According to reports 5,596 people have been evacuated from the camp since Monday but one charity has already claimed that hundreds of child refugees have been left unregistered and with nowhere to go following the clearance of the Calais "Jungle".