Panda wrestles intruder to the ground after he entered his enclosure

Meiling the panda enjoying a snack after fighting off his intruder. Credit: Reuters

A giant panda was less than impressed when an intruder entered his enclosure at a Chinese zoo and woke him up.

The panda, named Meiling, was having a nap when a man walked into his enclosure - giving a little wave to friends as he did so - and touched the panda on the head.

The 12-year-old panda woke up and grabbed the man's leg, knocking him to the ground, according to footage from a camera at the zoo in Nanchang.

After wrestling with the bear for more than five minutes, the man broke free from Meiling's 19 stone grasp and fled the enclosure, suffering only torn trousers.

Zoo management quoted witnesses as saying the man left the zoo and was not found

They said the panda was probably just playing with the man, who disappeared with only a tear in his trousers, the state broadcaster reported.