Six people killed and 10 injured in 'horrific' school bus crash

Six people have been killed and 10 others injured after a school bus crashed into a city transport bus in Baltimore, Maryland.

The yellow school bus hit a Ford Mustang and a pillar at a cemetery, before crashing into the side of the commuter bus, Baltimore police said.

The school bus driver and five others on the city bus were killed. No school children were on board.

Police said the crash caused 'catastrophic' damage. Credit: EBU

Baltimore police spokesman TJ Smith said the "horrific" crash was the worst he has seen in his career.

"It literally looks like a bomb exploded in the bus, and it's catastrophic damage."

"There aren't any skid marks. So something catastrophic took place and it's something we're continuing to investigate."

The crash caused injuries ranging from 'minor to critical'. Credit: EBU

Mr Smith added that 10 people were taken to local hospitals to be treated for injuries ranging from "minor to critical".

Police shut down traffic around the area of southwest Baltimore where the crash took place.

The area surrounding the crash site was cordoned off by police. Credit: EBU

Baltimore police commissioner Kevin Davis said: "Obviously, folks who are on a bus this time of the morning are working folks, and they’re on their way to make a living.

"They’re on their way to their jobs, and they’re on their way to support their families, so our hearts and prayers go out to them, to their families, to their co-workers as well."