George Osborne earned almost £100,000 for less than five hours' work

Former Chancellor George Osborne has earned almost £100,000 for less than five hours' work.

Since being sacked from Government in July in Prime Minister Theresa May's first reshuffle, Mr Osborne has had more time on his hands to devote to making a few extra bob as an after dinner speech maker.

Mr Osborne racked up £98,446.40 for three speeches over two months.

New entries in Mr Osborne's parliamentary register of interests show he is expecting to receive £69,992 from the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association in Washington for speeches totalling one-and-a-half hours on September 27 and October 18.

He was also paid £28,454.40 for a speech on October 17 to the Hoover Institution at California's Stanford University.

Travel and accommodation expenses were also being covered by Mr Osborne's hosts.

The total of £98,446.40 for four-and-a-half hours of work declared equates to a rate of £21,877 an hour.

Politicians are in demand as after dinner speakers, with Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Sir John Major all regulars on the scene.

Shortly after being sacked from the Government, Mr Osborne signed up with the Washington Speakers Bureau (WSB).

Mr Osborne is described on the WSB website as "a principled leader who served as the chief financial minister in the British Government" who was responsible for a "dramatic improvement" in the UK economy.

As Chancellor, Mr Osborne pursued austerity policies aimed at reducing the UK national debt.