Hundreds of plastic body parts dumped outside Russian embassy in protest at Syria airstrikes

Credit: PA

Activists have left hundreds of plastic body parts outside the entrance of the Russian embassy in London in protest against Russian airstrikes in Syria.

Members from The Syria Campaign and Syria Solidarity UK groups also chained themselves to the embassy gates with one bolting themselves to a metal structure.

Campaigners say the 800 plastic limbs represent the horrific injuries caused by Russian bombs to Syrian civilians.

An activist locked herself inside a metal structure. Credit: PA

Bissan Fakih, from the Syria Campaign, told the Press Association: "We are blocking the gates of the Russian embassy because their warplanes are killing so many families.

"They are shredding the bodies of little children with their cluster bombs and their missiles are falling into hospitals and rescue centres.

"Our message to the people of that building (the embassy) is that the people of the world are watching."

She added: "We are making a point that Russia needs to stop its bombing of Aleppo."

An activist arranges the plastic limbs. Credit: PA

The Syria Campaign group also took to Facebook to publicise the protest"

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