Theresa May pokes fun at George Osborne at award ceremony

Prime Minister Theresa May has appeared to mock George Osborne by collecting an award wearing a high-visibility jacket and hard hat.

The former chancellor was well-known during his stint at the Treasury for posing for photographs at building sites and other locations.

Mrs May appeared to poke fun at her former cabinet colleague - whom she sacked after taking office earlier this year - by imitating his appearance during those visits.

ITV News Political Editor Robert Peston was at the ceremony and said the event was "extraordinary".

As well as Theresa May's appearance, he said there was a "sharp intake of breath" after her astonishing exchange with Boris Johnson - before she jokingly tore into David Cameron's former spin doctor, Sir Craig Oliver.

"Again the room went quiet for a moment before slightly nervous laughter broke out".

George Osborne visits a factory in January 2016. Credit: PA

Theresa May was collecting the award after being named Spectator magazine's Politician of the Year award.

Mrs May has enjoyed a remarkable year, winning the Tory leadership battle and becoming Prime Minster after Andrea Leadsom dropped out of the race contest to replace David Cameron.