Farage says May must call general election to avoid Brexit 'betrayal'

Theresa May should call an early general election to avoid a "betrayal" of the public over Brexit, Nigel Farage has told Good Morning Britain.

The interim Ukip leader said he feared there would only be a "half Brexit" if the current Parliament voted on the terms of Britain leaving the EU..

There have been calls for an early election in the wake of Thursday's High Court decision, which insisted Parliament must have the final say on when Article 50 is triggered.

Mrs May will be calling European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker on Friday in a bid to persuade continental leaders that the ruling will not deter her from invoking Article 50 by April next year.

Mr Farage, the interim Ukip leader, said many MPs wanted Britain to remain in the European single market when it leaves the EU, something he said would go against what both sides of the referendum campaign said would happen if the country voted to leave.

He told GMB: "There is a willful attempt by a very dishonest political class to overthrow one of the major aspects of the referendum.

"My concern is if we put this back into the House of Commons, into the hands of our political class, frankly, we risk being betrayed.

"The neatest, cleanest way to finish this off is for May to call a general election on the basis that Brexit means Brexit, to get a majority and to get on with it.

"I really think you should not underestimate just how angry those 17.4 million people (who voted to leave) are going to be if Brexit doesn't really mean Brexit."

Under the Fixed Term Parliament Act, the May 2020 general election could only be brought forward if two thirds of MPs vote for it, or if the Government loses a vote of no confidence and other parties do not form a government within two weeks.

Despite the fact that the Government has said it will appeal against the High Court ruling, Brexit secretary David Davis conceded that an act of Parliament would now be necessary to trigger Article 50.

Labour MP Stephen Kinnock, who campaigned for Remain, told GMB he would vote to trigger Article 50 if Parliament was asked the question.

Mr Kinnock, whose Aberavon constituency voted to leave, said: "I believe absolutely that the people have spoken, we must leave the European Union.

"I just hope that people will trust Parliament. I think this is an opportunity to start rebuilding some trust between our democratically elected institutions and the rest of the country.

"I believe that Article 50 has to be triggered."

It is widely expected that 11 Supreme Court justices will sit between December 5 and 8 to hear what is one of the most important constitutional cases in generations.