The government has been urged to announce a date for flights to restart flying to Sharm el-Sheikh, a year after UK flights were suspended over a terror fears.

The Egyptian city was a vital market for airlines and holiday companies, with the Red Sea resort receiving hundreds of thousands of tourists from the UK.

But the number of holidaymakers at the resort has plummeted since the government banned all direct flights to the airport on November 4 last year after a suspected terrorist bombing of a Russian airliner.

More than 30 travel businesses including Saga Holidays and Expedia have joined forces to call for a decision on when customers will be able to fly directly from the UK again.

UK holidaymakers wanting to visit the resort have had to take multiple flights. Credit: PA

Rasha Azaizi, director of the Egyptian State Tourist Office in London, said: "This long term ban on flights to Sharm el-Sheikh is now affecting many UK travel businesses as well as airlines and is causing deep consumer confusion."

Mr Azaizi went on: "No other country apart from Russia still has a ban on flights to Sharm el-Sheikh, but the UK government has still not yet made a decision.

"We truly feel it's time for the British government to make a decision before the crucial winter holiday season."

The German government lifted its ban earlier this year, while in September Turkish Airlines resumed flights from Istanbul.

Belgian airline Jetairfly announced last week it would recommence flights.

A Government spokesman said: "The security of British nationals is our top priority, and we took the decision to suspend flights from Sharm el-Sheikh in November last year to protect the travelling public.

"We keep aviation security under constant review."