Donald Trump effigy goes up in flames at Edenbridge

An effigy of Donald Trump burned away in the night at one English town's annual bonfire celebrations.

Edenbridge in Kent traditionally burns effigies of celebrities or well-known people to celebrate bonfire night, and this year the town chose the American presidential candidate.

The 11 metre figure was overwhelmingly the figure people wanted to see, chosen from a group of controversial names including Sir Philip Green, The X Factor's Honey G, and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

Organisers depicted the controversial political figure holding the head of Hillary Clinton, and in shorts with pictures of Mexicans on them.

The Trump effigy begins burning. Credit: Reuters

Edenbridge Bonfire Society spokesman Jeni Fox said: "We were spoilt for choice in terms of potential contenders with a shortlist of around 10 potential runners but the people's choice stole the vote.

"We are literally helping Trump to live out his own catchphrase 'burn it down' by exploding the 11m effigy as the opening act for our fireworks display.

"It only seemed fair that Hillary Clinton took some of the limelight, and we are sure the presidential candidates will be pleased to see they are both featured."

The Donald Trump effigy in all its glory. Credit: Reuters

Edenbridge Bonfire Society have been setting a figure of the famous and infamous on fire for more than 20 years, burning a huge effigy of a celebrity alongside the traditional figure of Guy Fawkes.

Last year saw the town burn an effigy of former Fifa president Sepp Blatter, and in past years it has seen Cherie Blair, Katie Price, Gordon Brown and Russell Brand go up in flames.