Radio station launches to help parents get babies to sleep

A new radio station has launched in a bid to help parents get their newborns to sleep more easily.

Sleepyhead Radio, which plays soothing sounds from the home and nature, has gone live in Portsmouth, and if the pilot scheme goes well, it could be launched across the UK.

Its presenter, Sam Oakley, came up with the idea for the station after struggling to get her son to sleep and realising there may be widespread demand for such a thing.

She said: "My son George was the inspiration for these wonderful sounds. He would only sleep by the tumble dryer so we made a recording of it to help him sleep.

"When other parents wanted a copy we produced a CD containing a range of soothing sounds.

"Now it's lovely to be sharing them with listeners in Portsmouth and creating an oasis of calm for new parents in such a busy city."

Before the launch, the sounds were only available to download or on CD.

The most popular tracks downloaded were tumble dryer, dishwasher, hairdryer, fan heater, and shower sounds.

Sleepyhead Radio also includes advice for new mums and dads from the National Childbirth Trust.