May backs press after attacks on Brexit judges

May boards flight to India at Heathrow accompanied by Liam Fox, International Trade Secretary Credit: PA

The High Court made life pretty difficult for Theresa May this week, and this afternoon the Prime Minister was still in no mood to defend its judges.

After severe criticism of the three men who ruled last week that Parliament should have a vote on triggering our departure from the EU, the Prime Minister was asked whether she felt the judges had been acting according to their duty and in good faith.

Responding to journalists on her flight to India, she said she did "believe in the value of the independence of the judiciary", but immediately added, "I also value the freedom of our press".

In other words, she does not think it was wrong for several newspapers to run headlines this week which included accusations that the three judges were 'enemies of the people'.

The Prime Minister repeated her defence of the press twice and attempted to cast extra doubt over the High Court ruling, arguing that a separate but similar Brexit case was thrown out by Northern Ireland's court.

She insisted, "I believe we've got, as a government, strong legal arguments for our case" and insisted an appeal would still be taken to the Supreme Court.