Why are so many women voters failing to warm to Hillary Clinton?

She's brilliant, highly experienced, competent, supremely well qualified for the job - and yet people just don't warm to Hillary Clinton.

There's something about the Democrat's first woman candidate - on the historic cusp of annihilating that glass ceiling forever - that leaves even some of her own party supporters cold. Antagonises them, even.

I spent the afternoon with some Democrat women, to find out why.

They admire Hillary - but they don't much like her.

She's just not a very good candidate, they say. She struggles to connect with ordinary people - too buttoned up, too cautious, too rich, too privileged, too entitled, too Establishment.

"I almost feel sorry for her," says Washington DC pensioner Mary.

"She's so uptight and worried about saying the wrong thing - but she always seems to put her foot in it."

Mary Alexander believes Hillary Clinton can be 'too uptight'. Credit: ITV News

Mother of teenagers, Melissa, describes a general distrust of Mrs Clinton.

A sense that she's an opportunist who will say whatever it takes to get elected.

That it's not clear what - if anything - she really stands for.

Melissa McGuire believes there is a general distrust of the former first lady. Credit: ITV News

Politics professor Elizabeth says she's a "policy wonk" whose "workman-like speeches" fail to inspire.

She doesn't have the legendary charisma of her husband.

And she's certainly no Barack Obama.

Elizabeth Sherman believes Ms Clinton lack charisma. Credit: ITV News

But is she treated more harshly because she's female?

Melissa points to the endless commentary on Hillary's pant-suits, her hair and make-up. The sexist jokes about her age and appearance.

All three agree that, as a super-smart woman, life's easier if you conceal your brilliance.

Hillary suffers because she doesn't cloak that fierce intelligence. Misogyny plagues her, they say.

She endures far more scrutiny and criticism than any man. She's condemned for her drive and fierce ambition - characteristics that would be applauded in the opposite sex.

So they feel some sympathy for Hillary. But they still don't like her much.

They'll vote for her, though, holding their noses if necessary. Hillary may not be popular, but the alternative, they say, is unthinkable.