Final battle for the White House climaxes with two New York candidates in America's global city

The final battle for the White House will be fought on November 8 by two New Yorkers: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Credit: Reuters

After all the heat and all the anger - after all the accusations and downright lies - after all the tens of thousands of miles criss-crossed across this vast nation: tonight it boils down to a tiny sliver of land in New York City.

In a campaign whose drama is the stuff of Hollywood dreams - it could hardly build to a greater climax - on the streets of America's towering world city - the epitome of the most important democracy on earth.

New York is no less than a crucible of Election 2016.

ITV News will be broadcasting the US election results from Manhattan's Rockefeller Center. Credit: ITV News

Two New Yorkers - one millionaire, one billionaire - who once moved as friends in the same social circles, have come back to the place they call home - to cast their votes and await their fate - the first presidential contest between New Yorkers in 72 years.

The city will see both a party and a wake - a match played out between the 55th and 86th streets of Manhattan.

Hillary Clinton - elected Senator here exactly 16 years ago, just months before 9/11 - will gather her fans at the Javits Center - a vast building on the banks of the Hudson, chosen by the potential first female president for its glittering glass ceiling. Trump once tried to buy it and slap his name on it.

Preparations ahead of ITV News's broadcast of the US election 2016. Credit: ITV News

Donald Trump, the boy from Queens whose father's millions propelled him into New York legend and shaped its skyline spent what was left of last night in his hulking eponymous Tower.

So confident of his support in the campaign that he once said he could stand on New York’s Fifth Avenue “and shoot somebody” and still not lose voters. Tonight his watch party is just blocks away at the Hilton Midtown Hotel.

Security is tight. Extra officers are on the streets. No-one here will dare call which way it will go: and how the city's streets will react once the call is made.

An ice rink dubbed Democracy Plaza outside the Rockerfella Center. Credit: ITV News

As the voter lines snake through its streets, we're getting ready to broadcast from what's been tagged Democracy Plaza outside Manhattan's Rockefeller Center.

In front of us will be an ice rink festooned with dozens of stars and stripes flags rattling in the air. As we've watched these two New York candidates slip, slide and crash their way towards the White House in all these 18 months, there could hardly be a better metaphor.

Join us there tonight.

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