Hope, more than fear, on the streets of Mexico after Donald Trump elected

People say they hope Donald Trump's words will not turn into action Credit: ITV News

There was hope, more than fear, on the streets of Mexico today as the country faces what could be tough negotiations with the new President-elect Donald Trump.

ITV News correspondent Emma Murphy reports:

Mexico was a key target of Mr Trump's campaign during the early months - with the Republican candidate calling Mexican immigrants "rapists" and promising to build a wall between the two countries.

He also vowed to ship millions of undocumented workers back to their home country, putting pressure on border towns.

The Mexican Peso plunged to a 20-year low when he won, reflecting the shock felt by investors following his comments on the campaign trail.

But many say they are now hoping his words will not amount to action.

Mexico's economy minister has now promised to discuss an existing trade deal with Mr Trump when he takes office in January - a deal he had said would be scrapped once he took control in the Oval Office.

And Oscar Enrique Rivas, the president of the city of Nuevo Laredo, told ITV News it did not matter who had won the election.

He said talks with the Trump team were already underway - and assured the people of Mexico that those talks did not include the building of a wall.