Muslim Americans vow to fight division stirred up by Presidential election

During his campaign for the presidency, Donald Trump offended many people.

There was barely a minority group left untouched by his divisive rhetoric.

But as the months dragged by, he did make an effort to reach out to them all, to span the divided he's created.

All, that is, except one.

America's three million Muslims are used to ignorance and intolerance, life hasn't been easy for the community since 9/11, but they've always been offered a degree of protection by the state.

Now they fear that may evaporate.

Racist graffiti has increased across America since Donald Trump's victory. Credit: ITV News

The President-elect has publicly suggested "Islam hates us", he's proposed a ban on all Muslims from entering the USA and suggested mosques should be monitored.

This does not sound like a man who's ready to extend the hand of friendship.

ITV News spoke to Muslims in the city of Dearborn. Credit: ITV News

Dearborn, near Detroit, is home to one of the biggest Muslim communities in the United States.

It's a pleasant, middle class municipality much like any other. We met with a group of young Muslims in a bakery on the main street.

As we tucked into a delicious array of traditional Arabic sweets, they told me how proud they were to be American, but they're proudly Muslim, too.

Muslims in America feel that Trump took advantage of fear and anger. Credit: ITV News

The two have never been mutually exclusive, why should they be? Just as it's perfectly normal to be a white American or a black American, being a Muslim American has never been an issue either.

They believe Donald Trump weaponised American insecurities, he preyed on the fear and anger that much of the country is feeling just now.

Muslims were an easy target, so he dragged them into the fight.

But they're determined he won't succeed. Through dialogue and determination, they'll span the divide he's created.

Love trumps hate, as they say.

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