Is it time Americans stopped the blame game over Donald Trump's election victory?

Among the upended liberal elite of America there are currently two conversations taking place.

One is a loud finger pointing accusatory one blaming the racists and bigots of America for behaving as they did, winning the day and voting for Trump.

The other is a quieter and more generous conversation which involves no finger pointing, as Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans ask what more they could have done more to make sure that this didn't happen.

What more they could have done to make sure people didn't feel left behind and voiceless.

Donald Trump Credit: PA

These people feel they have, in part, themselves to blame for the widespread rejection at the polls of the values they hold dear.

These men and women of gentler character aren't throwing stones at their country men and women, but rather they are listening to them.


Possibly for the first time in a long time.

It was the same after Brexit in the UK.

Two conversations - one dividing the nation in a blame game - the other questioning everyone's role in the outcome.

America is a generous country even when it feels threatened by internal forces it fears.

Let's hope the generous conversation wins and the finger pointing stops.