Oxford University introduces gender-neutral toilets

The sign on the gender-neutral toilet door at St Catherine's College Credit: Aidan Melville/St Catherine's College

An Oxford college has become one of the first to introduce gender-neutral toilets.

St Catherine's College have marked their loos with a sign that combines the scientific symbols for male and female and can be used by both men and women.

The unisex sign at St Catherine's College in Oxford Credit: Aidan Melville/St Catherine's College

Alexander Langedijk, president of the junior common room, said the decision was a reaction to an increased understanding of transgender issues among students.

Students proposed the change in 2014 but it took the College two years to agree to the plan.

According to Alexander, the majority of the student population are in favour of the policy and they are hopeful all Colleges will soon follow suit.

A spokesperson for the University of Oxford told ITV News that requests for gender-neutral toilets have increased in the last few years.

Individual Colleges determine their own regulations but the University's policy is to accommodate single use facilities wherever possible, they added.

The move follows a growing trend in universities across Britain.

Campaigns to de-gender toilets have been successful at the Universities of Lancaster, Hull, Northampton and St Andrew's.