Couple who survived Bataclan massacre reveal they are expecting a baby

David Nolan and Katie Healy survived the Bataclan massacre Credit: ITV Good Morning Britain

An Irish couple who survived the massacre at The Bataclan have told how they returned to Paris to mark the anniversary of last year's Paris terror attacks, and shared the good news that they are expecting a baby.

In an exclusive interview with ITV's Good Morning Britain, David Nolan and Katie Healy spoke about their experiences that terrible evening, and about how lucky they felt to be starting a family.

"We're expecting a baby, but for us we're still very much in the period of remembrance and we're just so lucky that we're able to have a family," Ms Healy said.

Describing the events of one year ago, the couple told how they had been attending the concert by US rock band Eagles Of Death Metal when the gunmen burst into the venue.

Ms Healy told Good Morning Britain: "The atmosphere changed very suddenly ... I turned to David because I felt something hit me - a wetness.

"And I turned around and said 'has someone spilled a drink?' And as I said the words I saw the flashes of the guns and that's when we realised what was happening and just dropped to the floor."

Mr Nolan was shot in the foot and had to be dragged to safety Credit: ITV Good Morning Britain

Mr Nolan told how he lay across his girlfriend to protect her.

Believing their time was up the pair whispered to each other: "This is it. I love you."

As they lay there, they could hear one of the gunmen walking through the venue shooting people who were prone on the floor.

"He walked by our head and shot," Ms Healy said. "But it went into a man who was lying beside us, who I think had already died."

The couple were able to escape, but Mr Nolan had been shot in the foot and Ms Healy had to drag him to safety.

In total 130 people died on the night of 13 November 2015 - 89 of them at the Bataclan concert venue, which was among a series of targets struck by gunmen aligned to so-called Islamic State.

On Saturday, the 150-year-old venue re-opened for the first time since the massacre with a performance from Sting.