Supermoon: Brightest moon for nearly 70 years seen across globe

The brightest moon in nearly 70 years lit up the sky on Monday.

The phenomenon - known as the supermoon - appeared above the UK just after 5pm.

Described by Nasa as "undeniably beautiful", the moon is at its brightest this week because it is coming closer to Earth along its elliptical orbit than at any time since January 1948.

Viewers can expect to see a moon about 14% larger and about 30% brighter than it will look for another 18 years.

Here is how it looked around the world:

The 'supermoon' is seen over the historical Galata Tower in Istanbul, Turkey. Credit: Reuters
The supermoon rises over the US Capitol dome in Washington. Credit: Reuters
A man takes a picture of the 'supermoon' over the National Mall in Washington. Credit: Reuters

In the UK, people will see the moon rise above rooftops in the closest encounter for 69 years, but they will have to wait until 5pm to see it emerge.

The 'supermoon' shines behind a cross of a catholic church in metro Manila, Philippines. Credit: Reuters
The 'supermoon' rises over the Power and Light building in Kansas City, Missouri. Credit: Reuters

At 11.23am (UK time), the gap between the moon and the Earth will be at its shortest point - known as "perigee" - a distance of 221,525 miles.

The 'supermoon' can be seen behind the Chrysler Building in New York. Credit: Reuters
The 'supermoon' rises over La Raza monument, in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Credit: Reuters
The 'supermoon' rises behind the monument of National Hero Jose Rizal at the Luneta Park in metro Manila, Philippines. Credit: Reuters
The 'supermoon' rises above a valley in Kathmandu. Credit: Reuters
Participants climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge as the 'supermoon' rises. Credit: Reuters