Ten fresh clues to the Trump presidency

President-elect Donald Trump, pictured at a rally earlier this month. Credit: Reuters

It was less than a week ago that Donald Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States.

How will Donald Trump's presidency shape up?

Here are some clues that emerged over the weekend.

1) The billionaire President-elect has announced he will work for free. Well, almost. He will accept $1 a year, but not the annual $400,000 salary he is entitled to when he enters the White House.

2) He has appointed a mainstream Republican Party deal-maker as his Chief of Staff.

Reince Priebus will be Trump's gatekeeper - traditionally one of the most powerful positions because the Chief of Staff controls who has access to the Oval Office.

3) More provocatively, Trump has appointed Stephen Bannon as his senior strategist and adviser.

Bannon ran the news website Breitbart, a conspiracy-fuelled platform that many critics say traffics in white nationalism and anti-Semitism.

Stephen Bannon was the CEO of Donald Trump's presidential campaign. Credit: Reuters

4) Trump has now said he will seek to deport between 2 and 3 million illegal immigrants, who he claims are gang members and criminals.

5) The President-elect insists he is still committed to building a border wall, but part of it may be just a fence.

6) Republicans want him to quickly name a Supreme Court justice to fill the vacancy on the highest court in the land.

He has said he wants someone who opposes abortion rights.

7) Trump says he won't be weaned off Twitter or Facebook by his advisers, calling them valuable tools for communicating with his supporters.

8) There are reports that he may not live in the White House full time, perhaps preferring his Manhattan 5th Avenue penthouse or his property in Florida.

9) As First Lady, Melania Trump wants to lead a campaign against cyber bullying and abuse on social media (a little ironic, perhaps, given her husband's taunting campaign tweets and Facebook posts).

10) Trump won't have everything his own way. On January 20th - Inauguration Day - plans are being made for a one million-woman march to protest his presidency.