Anti-Trump protester tackled while making speech in student union

Shocking footage has emerged of a student protester being tackled and pushed over while making a speech to fellow students in the union.

The incident happened at Ohio State University on Monday, and was recorded by a witness who was watching the speech.

The speaker, Tim Adams, was tackled by 24-year-old Shane Michael Stanton who pushed him to the ground before being escorted out by police as students shouted "shame".

The student union president said that Stanton had been arrested and indefinitely suspended from the university.

As America reeled from the presidential elections last week, protests sprang up around the country denouncing President-elect Trump, calling for him to go, and calling for resistance against negative policies.

Adams told NBC4 of the incident: "This stuff will absolutely continue to happen. This is really just the beginning unless we're able to organise and fight back against this kind of violence."

Several students who were Trump supporters and witnessed the incident said it "did not represent" Trump voters, and that they attended the protest hoping to unify students.

Adams said: "The candidate they're supporting and the ideas they're supporting you know, you can't separate that from this violence so I would really encourage them to rethink their politics."

Adams told NBC4 that he would be filing charges against Stanton, who is reportedly registered as a Democrat.