Alleged British hacker Lauri Love wants to be tried in UK over fears he could die in US jail

Alleged British hacker Lauri Love wants to be tried in the UK over fears he will forced into a plea deal - or die behind bars - if he is extradited to America.

Love, who has Asperger's Syndrome, is accused of stealing vast amounts of data from high-profile US agencies including the Department of Defence and the FBI.

On Monday Home Secretary Amber Rudd signed his extradition order meaning he can be sent to the US to face trial.

Speaking at his home where he lives with his parents near Bury St Edmunds, Love told ITV News he feared he would "spend the rest of my life in prison".

The 31-year-old added: "Ninety-seven per cent of people in the Federal Court system don't get a trial.

"They don't intend to give me a trial, they intend to force me into accepting a plea bargain because 10 to 20 years sounds a lot more reasonable than 99 years.

"And if I did insist on my right to a trial, then they would reserve their right to try me three times over, so chances are I would still spend essentially the rest of my life in prison."

Reverend Alexander Love wants his son to face trial in the UK. Credit: ITV News

His father, the Reverend Alexander Love, said he did not want to get his son "off the hook" for his alleged crimes but wanted him to face trial in the UK.

He said: "He's a British citizen, give him a trial in a British court and give him a sentence which is appropriate for what he may have done."

Love, who also suffers from depression and severe eczema, added that there were not enough safeguards in the US to deal with "vulnerable individuals with mental health conditions".

He said there was a high chance that he might take his own life in prison and added that, that was something he thinks about "most days".