Former Trump campaign manager denies it was suggested Muslims would be banned from US

Donald Trump's former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. Credit: Good Morning Britain

Donald Trump's former campaign manager has denied it was suggested that Muslims should be banned from entering the United States.

Speaking to ITV's Good Morning Britain, Corey Lewandowski argued "that's not what we said" when questioned about the president-elect's controversial comments that there should be a "total and complete ban" on Muslims entering the US.

Questioning Mr Lewandowski about the claims, GMB host Susanna Reid asked him several times to clarify that Muslims would not be banned from the US.

Mr Lewandowski insisted instead that stringent rules would be applied to those applying for US citizenship.

This vetting process would ensure people "can't come across and commit jihad", Mr Lewandowski stated.

Mr Lewandowski reiterated Mr Trump's promise to build a wall on America's southern border to "stop illegals coming across and killing citizens", and added that a "safezone" should be created for Syrian refugees "so they're not coming into the country and committing crimes against our citizens".

Asked about Hillary Clinton's shock defeat Mr Lewandowski replied that while the Democrat was a "very experienced" candidate, "30 years of being inside the broken Washington system does not make you qualified to be the president of the United States", adding: "People are angry, they wanted change, and politics as usual is going to change."

Mr Lewandowski described the billionaire businessman as "amazingly empathetic in private" and "amazingly personable", with the ability to "bring people close", who would "bring the whole country together".

The 43-year-old - who was fired as Mr Trump's campaign manager in June after footage emerged of him shoving a journalist - resigned from his job at news channel CNN on Friday but would not be drawn if he would soon be working again for the president-elect, but said: "I would do anything if he [Donald Trump] asked me to."

Likewise Nigel Farage also offered to work with Mr Trump, telling GMB: "I've got some connections, I'd like to help".

Nigel Farage was the first British politician to meet Donald Trump.

Mr Farage said he would turn down a Cabinet position if he was hypothetically offered one, but he would work with the Government to get the relationship between the UK and the US "back to where it should be".

However, Mr Farage did not think that he would be asked to work with the Government as "the Conservative Party has always loathed me... but at a time like this, any petty personal differences need to be put aside".

However, on Monday, Number 10 dismissed any suggestions that Ukip leader Nigel Farage could help foster relations between President-elect Trump and Prime Minister Theresa May.

The 52-year-old said that he was the first British politician to meet Mr Trump because he was the only one to "put my head above the parapet".

Mr Farage did concede that Mr Trump was "controversial", but said the Republican "could be a force for change".