Donald Trump gives media pool the slip and appears at steak restaurant

In a highly unusual move, Donald Trump left his New York apartment in Manhattan on Tuesday without notifying reporters - or giving any indication as to where he was going.

It has become typical for president-elects to notify their press pool - who cover them daily - of their regular travel movements.

Instead, Tuesday's maneuver was seen as an attempt to deliberately stifle access to the media.

His spokesman, Hope Hicks, had earlier told reporters the day had ended and did not respond to emails requesting further clarification.

The press were eventually made aware of his location after he was spotted by a journalist, Taylor Riggs, who happened to be dining at a steak restaurant when Mr Trump walked in.

The Trump administration is shaping up to be the most inaccessible in modern history.

Donald Trump has yet to hold a news conference since his election last week - the longest period any recent president has waited to speak to the media.

He has also refused to travel with the media, opting instead to travel alone in a separate plane.

NBC News said until recently, Trump's staff were not releasing information of his calls to foreign leaders - leaving the press, and members of the public, to receive guidance from foreign governments.