French far-right leader Marine Le Pen aiming for power after Donald Trump's win

President of the National Front, Marine Le Pen, speaking in Paris. Credit: ITV News

Leader of the French National Front, Marine Le Pen, is hoping Donald Trump's win in the US election and the UK's vote to leave the European Union, are signs that she could triumph in the French Presidential election next year.

Speaking to ITV News' European Editor James Mates after a news conference in Paris, Ms Le Pen said she believes that she has the momentum to become the new leader of France in May 2017.

The French election is just a few months away and there is only one politician people are talking about, and those who dismissed Ms Le Pen's chances are now suddenly not so sure.

Mr Trump's victory and Brexit have put a spring in her step and she thinks France could be the third domino to fall.

When asked about the possible future of Nato if she wins the election, and forms an alliance with President-elect Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, Ms Le Pen insisted the organisation has no purpose.

"What's the point of Nato? From what threats does it protect us? That's the real question," she said.

The National Front are now housed in one of the smartest addresses in the centre of Paris, they are well funded, and based just a short distance from the Presidential Palace.

The polls show Ms Le Pen has little chance of victory but she does have growing support among some young people who are worried about rising unemployment, a fall in their quality of life and the immigration crisis.

One of Ms Le Pen's centre-right opponents, Republican Party member Jacques Myard, told ITV News that he is confident of victory this time around.

However he warned that even if Ms Le Pen does not win in 2017, she is likely to claim victory in four years time if the issues concerning many French people are not fully resolved.