Senior lawyer Aileen McColgan 'quits child sex abuse Inquiry'

Aileen McColgan has reportedly quit the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.

It is understood the senior lawyer resigned from the investigation due to concerns over its leadership, according to BBC2's Newsnight.

An inquiry spokeswoman did not confirm or deny her departure.

She said: "We have a large legal team comprising a number of junior counsel, senior counsel and solicitors.

Alexis Jay is the fourth chair of the Inquiry. Credit: PA

"They come and go subject to their professional obligations and we are not commenting on specifics."

McColgan's alleged departure comes after senior counsel Ben Emmerson resigned just a day after he was suspended.

Elizabeth Prochaska, his junior colleague, also stood down.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd said she still has confidence in the inquiry.

Speaking at a policing conference in London, she said: "I saw the latest news on the inquiry today.

"I would say it is a matter for the inquiry. They are an independent inquiry so they will manage their own recruitment process."

The inquiry's current chair, Professor Alexis Jay, is the fourth person to lead the investigation into the Anglican and Catholic Church, following Dame Lowell Goddard's resignation.