Donald Trump accuses Hamilton cast of 'harassing' Mike Pence

If you think the President-elect is solely focused on building the best possible team to lead America, think again.

This morning Donald Trump has launched a mini-tweet storm against the cast of America's most popular Broadway musical.

And this is why: his Vice President-elect Mike Pence was in the audience last night and was both cheered and booed by the audience.

No surprise there - a Broadway crowd is a slice of diverse America. And the new administration is courting controversy by picking some radical choices for the Cabinet and the White House team.

At the end of the show, the Hamilton cast even addressed Mike Pence in what strikes me as a respectful way, thanking him for attending but asking him to be inclusive in how he governs.

Not according to Trump.

Think about this. Trump is not attacking the audience. But the cast.

And then contemplate what real harassment looks like...oh yes, like one of his raucous rallies when minorities are insulted, the media is ridiculed, and protesters are threatened with assault.

So for good measure, the President-elect asks for the theatre to be a safe space.

Not surprisingly, Trump has now ignited another maelstrom of social media debate and conflict about what lies ahead in his future White House.