Malteser bags 'shrink' in the wake of 'rising costs'

More bad news for people who have a sweet tooth - bags of Maltesers are the latest snack to be cut down to size.

Eagle-eyed Steve Dresser, who works as a food retail expert, spotted that the Maltesers bag had shrunk, and tweeted that Mars reduced the Maltesers' pouch weight from 121 g to 103g.

His attached photo showed the difference between the packet and the information on the shelf label, proving him right.

He also tweeted that Galaxy Counters bags had also appeared to have shrunk in size, with another photo of the bags.

Mars, the company which owns both the Maltesers and the Galaxy brands, says that increasing costs mean it has been forced to cut back.

In a statement, Mars said: "Like all chocolate manufacturers, we have seen the cost of raw materials rise and, while we try to absorb these pressures as much as possible, sometimes we have to make the difficult decision to reduce the size of some of our products so our consumers can continue to enjoy an affordable treat.

"Our focus is always on offering consumers our great tasting, high quality chocolate brands at the best value for money."

The news comes just days after Toblerone came under fire for reducing the size of the iconic chocolate bars and making the gaps between the peaks bigger.