Turkey dismisses 15,000 over alleged links to failed coup

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Credit: PA

Turkey has dismissed almost 15,000 more civil servants, military officials, police and others, and shut down more than 500 institutions and news outlets over alleged links to a failed coup in July, an official decree said.

Some 1,988 personnel from the Turkish Armed Forces, 7,586 from the police force, 403 from the gendarmerie, and more than 5,000 from public institutions were dismissed in Tuesday's crackdown.

The total number dismissed since the July coup attempt exceeds 110,000.

The decree also announced the closing of more than 550 institutions, 18 charities, and nine media outlets.

More than 270 people were killed in the attempted overthrow of the government on July 15 led by some sections of the military.