Jo Cox husband: We were lucky to have her in our lives

Jo Cox's bereaved husband has said his family were lucky to have had her in their lives - but he cannot forgive her "evil" killer.

Brendan Cox said the Labour MP had made their two children's lives "sparkle" and she remained constantly in his thoughts.

The family are trying to focus on her life instead of the horror of her death, he said in an emotional interview released after killer Thomas Mair was found guilty of the "cowardly" murder.

He is focusing on trying to bring good from her death through sharing her memories and continuing her work through a foundation in her name.

However, Mr Cox said he has not been able to forgive her murderer, Thomas Mair, who was today convicted of the killing and given a whole life term.

"I think in order to talk about forgiveness you have to have some acceptance of how wrong and how evil what he did was and I've seen no suggestion of any of that," he said.

He added that he had nothing to say to Mair, but felt "pity" that his life was so lacking in love that he felt his actions were reasonable.

Mr Cox added that although Mair claimed to have acted for Britain as he carried out the murder, his values had no place in UK society.

He drew a contrast between the public service given by Mrs Cox and her bravery in warning away her co-workers even as she lay dying with the cowardice shown by Mair as he carried out the savage attack on his five-foot wife.

"I think Britain would be ashamed of him, and is very proud of Jo," he said.