The community determined to hold on to Jo Cox's legacy

She may have only served her Batley and Spen constituents for little more than a year before she was brutally murdered, but those whose lives Jo Cox touched are determined to ensure her legacy lives on. And there are many.

Serving the people where she was born and brought up was her "dream job", and in her short time in parliament Jo Cox left her mark on the many individuals she helped, supported and inspired.

Remembering the harmonies she strove to create among people of all backgrounds and faiths in the town, Batley Community Choir have put their tribute to Jo into song.

Founding member Graeme Rayner told ITV News: "She talked about the town in a way that showed she knew it and cared about it and she was going to fight for it.

"She was our MP for a year and she's left a massive legacy already, that people have only talked about being determined to continue since it happened."

It is not just music that is bringing people together in West Yorkshire as they mourn Jo's murder. One local cricket club, which had invited Jo to become a patron, now plans a regular fixture in her memory.

Jo was a patron of Mount Cricket Club.

"The legacy that she'll leave behind is one of hope," said Abdul Ravat of Mount Cricket Club.

"She's given inspiration to a lot of people, not just in this country and this constituency but across the world in some of the causes that she fought very hard about."

Ensuring Jo's legacy lives on even after those who remember her all to brief spell in parliament are gone, local schools have taken on the task of educating children about her work.

Batley's Carlton Junior and Infant School has been teaching pupils about Jo Cox's work as an MP. Credit: ITV News
Each year a pupil who lives by Jo's principles will be given an award. Credit: ITV News

At Batley's Carlton Junior and Infant School, an award will be given each year to the pupil who lives by Jo's principles.

Pupil Sumair Shahid lost his mother to a heart attack but learned to cope and to help his family through their grief. One of Jo's own family presented him with his award.

Speaking to ITV News, he said: "Jo's mum said to me that follow Jo's dreams and her perseverance in life. I'm not going to give up."

Sumair Shahid (pictures with Jo Cox's mother) lost his mother to a heart attack. Credit: ITV News