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The truth about the menopause: ITV News readers share their stories

Credit: ITV Tonight

A special investigation by ITV's Tonight has revealed the impact the menopause has on the lives of women.

A quarter of women considered leaving work because of menopausal symptoms, a survey carried out for the programme showed.

While half of those asked said it hindered their working life.

After watching the programme, many of you visited the ITV News Facebook page to share your experiences.

Here are a selection of your comments:

  • Lisa O'Boyle

"I went to my GP with questions, but because I was 'only' peri-menopausal, I was sent away with no advice, only to come back when my periods have stopped for 2 years.

"No help with the mood swings, insomnia, and hot flushes I am experiencing."

  • Cheryl Anne Myers

"The biggest thing for me - far bigger than the flushes and bigger even than the mood swings, depression, lethargy and energy crash - is the underlying fear that "this is me for life now."

"I honestly don't think I could bear it! It's bad enough hearing/reading the horror stories about women who experience symptoms for 15 years!!!

"Yet because it's a natural life process, I've a guilt thing on about making anything out of it - I was just brought up to "put up, shut up and get on with it."

  • Tracey Maria Lorraine Coyle

"Mood swings have to be the worst. I'm laughing one minute but if someone says anything remotely unagreeable I can shout and scream at them....then I can be in a flood of tears for the silliest of things.

"My hair is often wet through from hot flushes and sweating. And..... what's a good night's sleep?!"

Your GP can talk through the range of options available to you if you are going through the menopause Credit: PA
  • Jan Cox

"Best thing I ever did was join a Menopause Facebook group. Their files cover a huge list of hormone related symptoms and loads of information on what to eat and what supplements will help. They saved my life.

"The admin are fantastic and the group members will share their knowledge and experience and you can have a rant.

"There are such a lot of symptoms related to the menopause and the drop in hormone production."

  • Julie Ekin

"I really thought I was having a breakdown what with all the mood swings. I'm hating the hot flushes and crying over nothing."

  • Susie Carter

"I started with hot flushes so bad last year thought I would burst into flames as every single part of my body was on fire.

"At one point nearly twice every hour or so and so much anger on the flip of a coin could argue over nothing.

"Thankfully settling back to normal now! Cutting back on alcohol and lots of water and plenty of sleep and an understanding hubby."

Some women say they experience short-term memory loss as a result of the menopause Credit: PA
  • Lynda Tracey

"I got NO info at all from the GP so found some symptoms very frightening.

"My flushes make me so ill and bad with nausea, nightmares,headaches, acne, painful boobs etc who would be a woman."

  • Michelle Hermon

"Does this response to one programme highlight that there is not enough support and information for women regarding the menopause?

"All these women are going through life changing symptoms and health information is not easily available. I hope NHS England are taking note."

  • Amanda Jane Haynes

"I don't sleep well but I am always tired. I ache everywhere. Itchy skin drives me mad. I am too hot. I am too cold. I have anger issues yet I cry at random things.

"I make stupid mistakes at work and want to shout at the world 'its not my fault"'

"I want to quit my job, curl up in a ball on the sofa with a box of chocolates and hibernate.

"I get depressed about being old ( 52). Apart from that ; hey, everything is rosy?"

Your GP can give you more information on Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Cathryn Kemp

"Such a good programme. I feel so sorry for what the poor lady with terrible hot flushes is going through.

"Why are we so ashamed to discuss the menopause? It is a natural part of life yet it can cause so much discomfort in the best cases and absolute hell for the extreme ones.

"More help is needed for this often hidden away part of our lives, by the medical profession and by employers."

  • Mandy Parkhurst

"I'm 56 next month and I've been getting night sweats for years. I wake up drenched and like I've just got out of a shower.

"Hot flushes started around 2 years ago. I have to literally strip off at home but when at work I have to go outside to cool down. I've had the mood swings, one minute laughing and happy, next in floods of tears.

"As for sleep I get around 4/5 hours a night if I'm lucky! Also lots of uncomfortable bloating."

  • Clare Richardson

"Anxiety, IBS, nausea, dizziness, headaches from hell, sweats, chilled to the bone, chronic fatigue, insomnia, crying for now reason........ just a few symptoms and I'm still in peri!!! ?. God I feel so ill."

  • Rebecca Bassett

"I've been going through menopause for nearly a year now.

"My GP's are not very helpful, I think I suffered my first panic attack this morning, I just started getting this panicky feeling and started to cry for no reason.

"It's so frustrating not feeling in control, and because of all the hormonal changes I'm really suffering a lot of joint pain."

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