Official election recount petition filed in Wisconsin after narrow Donald Trump victory

Green party candidate Jill Stein has requested a recount Credit: Reuters

The election commission in the state of Wisconsin has received a formal petition for a recount following a crowdfunding bid to raise the money needed.

Donald Trump took the state's 10 electoral college votes after scraping a victory over Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton, beating her by just one per cent - or 22,177 votes.

Green party presidential candidate Jill Stein, who came fourth in the results behind Clinton and Gary Johnson, has been behind the campaign for a recount.

She launched a fundraising effort on Wednesday afternoon - and by Friday evening, more than $5 million (£4m) had flooded in - and the petition was officially filed with Wisconsin officials by the deadline of 5pm.

The commission took to Twitter to confirm they had received the request.

Stein is also pushing for recounts in Michigan and Pennsylvania, two other states where President-elect Donald Trump won narrowly.

She has suggested the voting systems are vulnerable to fraud - though admitted there is no hard evidence suggesting any such activity actually took place.

A second petition, filed by Roque "Rocky" De La Fuente - the nominee for the Reform Party - has also been received, officials said.

The recount must be completed by December 13.