Boris Johnson's office denies pro freedom of movement claims

Boris Johnson's office has denied reports that the foreign secretary supports freedom of movement - despite reported claims to the contrary.

Earlier it was reported that Mr Johnson had privately told at least four EU ambassadors that he supported freedom of movement between European countries.

Mr Johnson's alleged comments stand in stark contrast to the Government's stance on Brexit, which pledges to reduce immigration into the UK.

But on Wednesday, his aides denied Mr Johnson made the comments - adding he did not support freedom of movement.

His office told ITV News Deputy Political Editor Chris Ship that Mr Johnson was "totally against" freedom of movement. It added that he was "pro controlling immigration".

Sky News reported that Mr Johnson had told four ambassadors he was "personally in favour" of freedom of movement, but that it "wasn't government policy".

Mr Johnson campaigned for Britain to leave the EU throughout early 2016.

Earlier this month, German chancellor Angela Merkel hinted the EU may be willing to offer Britain a post-Brexit trade deal allowing some limits on free movement.