Coldest night of Autumn so far as temperatures hit -9C

Parts of the UK have experienced the coldest night in Autumn, with temperatures plunging to minus 9.4C in some areas, the Met Office said.

The coldest reading in England and Wales overnight was in the village of Sennybridge, Powys, on Wednesday morning - the village experienced the lowest November figure since 2010.

Meteorologists also measured a temperature of minus 8.5C in Benson, Oxfordshire.

Previously, Braemar and Scotland holds the record for both coldest temperature of Autumn and coldest temperature in the year.

Braemar recorded -12.1C on November 21.

But even this does not beat the coldest temperature recorded this year in Braemar - a freezing temperature of -14.1C in February.

The sun rises over frozen water at Trafalgar Square fountains Credit: PA

The Met Office says it is expects evenings from Wednesday onwards to be slightly less chilly - but colder temperatures could return at the weekend with some areas seeing a fair amount of frost.

Meteorologist Sophie Yeomans said it is slightly colder than the average temperature for this time of year, but it could be the result of a temporary cold spell.

On Wednesday, London and Cardiff are anticipated to peak at 4C, with Glasgow reaching 9C and Edinburgh expecting around 8C.

December 1 marks the beginning of meteorological winter, which lasts until the end of February.