Jennifer Aniston: Women are still seen as 'useless' if they don't have a family

Jennifer Aniston has said women are still seen as "useless" if they don't have a family.

The film star told ITV's Lorraine: "We reduce down to...if we don't have a baby or a white picket fence or a husband then we're useless and we aren't living up to our purpose," she said.

Aniston has suffered years of public speculation over her relationships, including false claims she was pregnant after she married fellow actor Justin Theroux last year.

She even had to issue a statement saying her so-called "baby bump" was actually "just a big lunch".

The Friends star wrote an article calling out the "objectification and scrutiny" of women's personal lives in response to the rumours.

She told Lorraine women need to be kinder to each other as she called for them to work together on making the situation better.

"Sadly, the names on these articles, these horrible stories, are usually women," she said.

"It's shocking to me that we are not changing the conversation."