Prince Harry and Rihanna get tested for HIV on World Aids Day

Prince Harry and Rihanna helped raise awareness of HIV screening by getting tested for the virus together in Barbados.

On World Aids Day, Harry and singer Rihanna chose to publicise the importance of being tested for the devastating virus by experiencing the test themselves.

The pair went for the simple thumb-prick procedure during a visit to a HIV drop-in centre in Barbados' capital Bridgetown on Thursday.

Harry and Rihanna, who hugged each other and posed for pictures with their HIV counsellors, gave television interviews after their results came back negative.

What's My Name singer Rihanna said she was excited to find that the process was "so easy" and that the results come back almost instantaneously.

"We just want to show people how easy it is to get tested and how you shouldn't be afraid of knowing your status", she said.

The prince said that he believed there had been a "generational gap" around discussing HIV.

"The younger generation coming through want to talk about it. But there's still that stigma", he said.

"So if us getting tested normalises it and makes a difference, even a small difference, then job well done".